Knockerball Augusta - inflatables, bubble soccer and knockerball rentals for parties in Augusta,


1. #1 RULE is to have fun.......without injury.

2. Knockerball should not be played by pregnant women or anyone not able to participate in physical activity.

3. WAIVER MUST BE signed by ALL participants, youth under 18 must have parent sign waiver as well.

4. NO SHARP OBJECTS inside of the Knockerballs (i.e. jewelry, watches, cell phones, gopros, belt buckles, keys, loose
change, etc; all must be removed).

5. NO CLEATS or shoes with sharp points, edges, buckles, or straps.

6. DO NOT KICK with shoes or feet to the bubbles.

7. DO NOT HIT SOMEONE THAT'S DOWN, give them ample opportunity to safely get back to their feet.

8. DO NOT BLIND BUMP ANYONE, they must be aware they are going to get hit.

9. NO SPEARING or BULL CHARGING, do not charge with your head down. (open area above your head is for airflow).
No long full out sprints to hit.

10. BALL ON BALL CONTACT ONLY. Never hit anyone not in a ball.

11. DO NOT INTENTIONALLY DAMAGE THE BALLS (i.e. bumping trees, fences or walls)


13. STAY IN GAME PLAY AREA (Don't go roaming...)

14. REMAIN INSIDE BUBBLE for your own safety during game play.

15. ONLY 1 person in a ball at a time.

16. NO player shall be under the influence of DRUGS OR ALCOHOL.

17. NO SMOKING is allowed in game play area or in any area Knockerballs are present.

18. FIT: Each player must be verified by official for proper Knocker-fit before play.
* Less than 40" waistline (ya gotta fit in the ball)
* Sufficient clearance above head (Approx 12" head
clearance to top of ball)
* Tail bone inside of ball
* Inner handles at chest level
* Shoulder straps adjusted properly

19. Knockerball is not to be played on gravel, pavement or cement.

20. Knockerball is not to be played near streets or roads with automobile traffic.

21. NEVER use near water.

22. NEVER attempt to jump from a raised platform while inside a Knockerball.

23. DO NOT use on steep graded hills or slopes.

24. CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Let yourself get knocked; most common injuries happen when trying to brace and
prevent getting knocked over.

25. GUYS BE GENTLEMEN. Treat the girls like ladies!

26. REPORT TO STAFF any damage you notice to the equipment (i.e. punctures, holes, leaks, loose handles or straps,
and ball deflation).

27. Recommendations: Tuck your legs when you get hit. Kneepads are recommended, but not required.

We maintain the authority to deny and or refuse any participant in any Knockerball activity if they deem said
individual is not adhering to these rules. Neglecting these rules compromises the safety of all those participating and
will not be tolerated.

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