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-Knocker Soccer
Just like regular soccer, but you start from each side of the field and sprint for the ball at the center. No goalies, no off sides. Score as many goals as you can in the allotted time for your team.

-Red Rover
One Knocker in the middle, the rest of the Ballers on the side. Ballers run to the other side and try to avoid the Knocker. If you get knocked down, you join the other Knocker in the middle. Continue until you are the last Baller standing. You win!!

-Secret Service
Two teams choose the leader who wears a colored vest. Both teams try to knock down the leader of the opposite team. Players can recover when knocked to the ground, but if your leader is knocked down, you lose.

-Sumo Champion
Who can stay in the circle longer. Play one on one or with a group. Last Knocker standing in the circle wins.

-Knocker Brawl
Two teams square off against each other in a 4x4 or 5x5 60 second games. Take 3 Hula-Hoops and place them on the center line along with one hoop in each teams side of the field. Start on your side of the field and attempt to occupy each hoop before time runs out just like musical chairs. This can be played with points or best of 3, 5 or 7.

-Fly Ball
Just like a pop fly in baseball, players scramble for position as the referee tosses a "soft" ball into the air for Knockers to catch through the top opening of their KnockerBalls. Points are awarded for each catch. First Knocker to 500 points wins! **Yes, the soft ball is actually soft!!

-Knocker Slide
Welcome to Knocker Slide. Run, slip and roll your way down a wet and wild 6 foot wide x 25 foot long slide with blow up rails to keep you in the game. **Slide available for an extra fee.

-Last Knocker Standing
Every Knocker Player for themselves in a smaller field of play. Once a player is knocked over, they exit the playing field until the last Knocker standing is the winner.

-Knocker Bowling
Just like it sounds. Take turns trying to knock over the Knocker Pins. All players rotate to compete and become the KnockerBall Bowling Champion.

Two teams face off with the goal of knocking down everyone on the opposite team. Once down, you must leave the filed of play. The team left standing counts the number of upright players at the end of each round (5 rounds total). Add your scores at the end of all 5 rounds. Most points wins!!

-Giant Knocker Soccer
This is Knocker Soccer to the extreme!! Weather you are young or old, big or tall, this 6 foot soccer ball will be an experience you won't soon forget!! Same rules at Knocker Soccer, but now you have to push the soccer ball with your KnockerBall! **6 foot soccer ball available for an extra fee.

-Relay Races
1. Figure out who's running during each part of the relay.
2. Warm up and stretch if you haven't already.
3. Go to the part of the track where you will begin your leg of the relay.
4. If you are starting the relay, simply relax and wait for the gun to go off.

-Musical Chairs
The chairs are set up in two rows back to back (one chair less than the number of players). The music is turned on, and the players walk around the chairs. When the music stops the players race to sit in the available chairs. The player left standing is taken out of the game.

-Capture the Flag
In order to win the game, you must capture the other team's flag (duh!) and bring it back to your own territory. But if an enemy team member grabs you while you're standing on their part of the field, they are allowed to take you straight to jail (which is a small patch of land in their territory)

-Knocker Free for All
Usually saved for the last game of the party, you are never down and out for this fun and exciting free for all. Everyone is the enemy. Knock anyone you want as many times as you can. Keep going until can't stand anymore.

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